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Who we are

Wise Bear Functional Nutrition is a Trauma-informed Nutritional Therapy practice focused on helping our clients achieve their health and wellness goals through the process of brain-based, preventative nutrition and consultingWe are passionate about helping people live vibrant and healthy lives through the application of nutrition and lifestyle design. We operate from a trauma-informed approach, which understands that physical, emotional, and mental trauma impacts the brain and effects the body. We take a neuro-scientific approach to the nutritional needs of each client, and develop a bio-individual nutritional protocol that is unique to each person's needs. 



We believe that our bodies are designed to be resilient and combat a myriad of illnesses, stressors, and symptoms. However, in this day and age, our bodies are constantly under assault from all sorts of chemicals, preservatives, food processing practices, poor-quality soil conditions, contaminated growing fields, sick animals, poor animal raising practices, and nutrient-depleted "foods".  All of these things hinder our bodies' ability to bounce back and recover.

Functional and Preventative nutrition focuses on restoring the nutrient deficiencies brought about by our modern lifestyle in order to promote optimal health and vitality throughout life. Essentially, these are the processes by which we give the body the tools it needs to do it's job of keeping you healthy. When a body is nutritionally sufficient (rather than deficient) it can naturally reduce inflammation, rebuild muscle tissue effectively, balance energy easily, and have healthy immune function.

We believe that returning to a practice of eating real foods that are nutrient-rich and properly prepared can rejuvenate our bodies and bring resilience and vibrancy back to our every day lives. Whether you currently experience symptoms of fatigue, digestive distress, brain fog, skin conditions, poor sleep, or any other symptoms, Preventative nutrition can help your body get back on track.


Brain-based, Trauma-informed Nutritional Therapy consultations

With her Master's in Counseling and Certification as a Nutritional Therapist, Serina combines her experience in the counseling field with her training in nutrition to offer you the most comprehensive nutritional care and support in achieving your health and wellness goals. She uses a trauma-informed, brain-based model of care which focuses on supporting you as an individual and meeting you where you are at to create a program that is specific to your personal needs.

We have found that achieving your wellness goals really depends on having the right kind of support and education along the way. Our personalized nutritional consultations are designed to offer you support in a way that works for YOU. There is no such thing as a "one-size fits all" approach to nutrition.

The process of attaining your goals is a race, but it is NOT a race against time. Reaching the finish line is what matters to us - NOT how quickly you get there. We will take each step of this journey with you and support you along the way. Steady progress over time is what promotes lasting results; NOT a quick burst of momentum that fizzles out after a short period of time. We are all about sustainability and momentum over time to build lasting healthful habits that keep you healthy and happy throughout your life!


BIo-Individual Nutritional Therapy

Each person who comes to us is a bio-chemical individual. We recognizes that there is no "one-size fits all" approach to diet and wellness. Since every person has a unique health history and presentation, with different nutritional deficiencies, different toxic burdens, different lifestyle and eating habits, and different physiological function, we focus on the unique needs of each client in order to provide a finely tuned, bio-individual nutritional program designed to help achieve lasting impact. No other nutritionist or dietician uses this comprehensive, individual approach to nutrition.



We are passionate about sharing knowledge with our clients and our community. We have loads of resources here on our website to help you live a vibrant and healthy life. Check out our blog posts and recipes. We'll be adding new content as time goes on, including a video series and podcasts, so be sure to check back frequently!

We think that preventative nutrition and vibrant health should be accessible to everyone, so we offer a bunch of free content on the web as well as reasonably priced personal consultations. We work one-on-one with people in our office, as well as via long distance consultations. We are also in the process of developing group programs and corporate lunch break workshops to spread the knowledge even further.

Enjoy looking through our pages and come back soon.

In Health and Happiness,
Serina Vassar, NTP