First Steps

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Here you'll find information about our intake process and the first steps of getting started with Wise Bear.


Hard work, water, sunshine, lots of little seeds, careful tending, and time. A garden does not sprout and flourish over night. It is the same for us when we begin cultivating vibrant health. We must take time to till the earth, plant the seeds, water the seeds, and remove any weeds that might choke them out. Eventually, we watch the seeds sprout and grow, and flourish! 

All of the hard work we put in pays off. The fruits of our labor bring a plentiful harvest that can sustain and nourish us, as well as our loved ones.

Our goal is for you to become self-sufficient in achieving your health goals; for you to lay a great foundation by working with us, and then move through the world on your own bearing all kinds of delicious and vibrant fruits from your hard work.

However, we also understand that taking the first few steps to regain and optimize your health can be difficult. This is why our consultation and support process is designed to offer you the very best care possible as you being and continue your health journey.



  1. Plant (Intake process: dig in and get started with our initial consultation & interview)
  2. Water (Intake process: begin to take root with your own Functional Evaluation & Personal Achievement Plan)
  3. Sprout (Support Membership: start your journey on the right foot and utilize all the support you need) 
  4. Grow (Support Membership: continued support toward your goals offered at a reduced rate and frequency)
  5. Flourish (Typical Maintenance Memberships: keep yourself fresh and motivated to continue achieving your goals)
  6. Sustain (Minimal Maintenance Memberships: maintain your successes and check in for guidance once in a while)

    We have found that new clients tend to need much more support as they begin their journeys as compared to someone who has had more experience in holistic lifestyle and natural health. That is why we tailor our consultations to suit your needs!

    We begin with more frequent consultations and support, and then reduce frequency of visits as you begin making progress toward achieving your goals until you're self-sufficient. (How cool is that?)


    Once you've reached your goals, you can keep going with your FLOURISH or SUSTAIN Membership to continue reaping the benefits of your harvest while maintaining your Membership perks, or choose to purchase a little "potting soil" along the way to enrich your growth on an à la carte basis. The choice is yours!

    • Potting Soil (Maintenance Support: à la carte options offered to non-membership clients on an as-needed basis)

    For more details about our Initial Consultation continue reading below.

    You may also check out our Consultation Features, Who We Are, and Memberships pages for more information, or Contact Us with any questions. Click here to schedule your free 20-minute DISCOVERY call today.



    Our initial consultation process is broken up into 2 separate consultations: Plant and Water. This is done so that we can offer you the very best care possible! Keep reading for more info!


    PLANT (Initial Interview Consultation): The first step in our process is an Initial Interview Consultation (may be conducted in-office or over the phone).
    Length: 45-60 minutes
    Investment in your health: $169
    Description: This assessment is designed for us to get to know you better! 
      - Review of your goals and concerns for health.
      - Time for Q&A regarding your intake paperwork.
      - Review of your Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
      - Daily Journal Entry review (food journals).
      - Points of education (i.e., information about Nutritional Therapy or how we can help you achieve your goals)

    During our time together, we will discuss your initial intake forms, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, and food journals so that we can gain a better understanding of your primary concerns, current health status, and personal goals. We will also explore the concepts of Nutritional Therapy, and how balancing your Foundation and Pillars for Health can help you achieve your goals. 

    Your Nutritional Therapist will then use the information that you’ve discussed to formulate your Personal Achievement Plan! You will schedule your WATER consultation where you will receive your Functional Evaluation (to assess for bio-individual nutritional deficiencies or areas in need of support) and review the specific lifestyle, dietary, and regulatory recommendations of you Personal Achievement Plan. Therapeutic food and/or supplement recommendations may also be added your Personal Achievement Plan upon completion of the Functional Evaluation.




    WATER (Functional Evaluation and review of Personal Achievement Plan): The Second Step in your journey is to review your Personal Achievement Plan and fine-tune your at-home protocol with a Functional Evaluation (FE) and Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT)
    Length: 75 minutes
    Investment in your health: $89
    Description: This is where your journey to health and vibrancy truly begins!
      - Review of your Personal Achievement Plan (long term goals, and short term action steps).
      - Functional Evaluation (only available for in-office consultations).
      - Daily Journal Entry review (food journals), if needed.
      - Points of education to begin the journey toward achieving your goals!

    During this consultation, we will perform a Functional Evaluation (“FE” - see FAQ page for more info) to get an overall baseline understanding of any potential weak areas or nutritional deficiencies in your system. Your Nutritional Therapist will present and review your Personal Achievement Plan, adding any therapeutic food or supplement recommendations based on your FE, so that you can get started on the path to achieving your goals! We will correlate the steps of your Achievement Plan to our Pillars for Health, and help you see how your body, symptoms, and goals are inter-connected. As time allows, we may also offer Points of Education, such as: What is Real Food? The basics of Blood Sugar Regulation, or quick and easy meals prep, etc. (don’t worry - if time does not allow for these today, we’ll get to them during future consultations!)

    We will end our consultation by exploring which of our membership options would be best suited to your needs and keep you moving towards achieving your goals.

    NOTE: Please wear comfortable clothing for the Functional Evaluation. No large belt buckles, short skirts, or very tight clothing. The Functional Evaluation involves some light movement on your part (standing, sitting, laying down, standing back up again) and we want you to be comfortable. 



    Our Support Memberships are designed to offer personalized care after your initial consultation and Personal Achievement Plan review. Most new clients do best with our Sprout Membership, as it offers comprehensive care in beginning your journey. After the first month or two, you may find that you need less frequent points of contact between regular consultations. If that's the case, than our Grow Membership will be perfect for you! You can read about them by clicking the buttons below.

     01 - Comprehensive Support Membership (great for beginners!)

    01 - Comprehensive Support Membership (great for beginners!)

     02 - Moderate Support Membership (most common for continued success)

    02 - Moderate Support Membership (most common for continued success)

     03 - Maintenance Membership (standard maintenance support)

    03 - Maintenance Membership (standard maintenance support)

     04 - Minimal Support Membership (minimal support to maintain an active membership)

    04 - Minimal Support Membership (minimal support to maintain an active membership)

     05 - À La Carte Support Consultations for Maintenance Clients

    05 - À La Carte Support Consultations for Maintenance Clients