Maintenance membership: sustain

(continued support on a lower frequency level)

Congratulations! You've accomplished most or all of your health goals!  Good for you.

These Memberships were designed specifically to suit your maintenance support needs. Maintenance members often require very little active support from us, but, tend to want to maintain access to all of the awesome benefits of a support Membership or need a quick check-in once in a while ("mini consultation"). If that is where you are, than look no further! Choose from one of our two low-level maintenance support memberships and keep on growing!



  • Access to our interactive Client Portal
  • Personal Nutritional Recommendations Sheet ("NRS") and Short Term Action Plan posted to your Client Portal after every consultation
  • Consultation notes and additional clinical recommendations posted with each new NRS
  • Access to lots of PDF resources (shared through the Client Portal)
  • Access to web resources
  • Access to our online scheduling program and invoice tracker (hosted by Ovatu)
  • Automated text and email consultation reminders
  • A free weekly supplement organizer (if needed)
  • Access to office Specials (such as discounts on supplements, shipping, or membership fees!)
  • Access to the Wise Bear Community where clients share recipes, ideas, and encouragement with one another (optional)
  • Invitations to events and webinars pertaining to nutritional or holistic health (topics such as Quick and Easy Meal Prep, cooking demos, or guided shopping trips)
  • Weekly gratitude meditations for mental support on your journey
  • And, most importantly, access to the wealth of knowledge and support that is your Nutritional Therapist outside of in-office consultations.



SUSTAIN (minimal maintenance support membership): continued support offered to keep you on track after you've achieved the majority of your goals.
Mini Maintenance Number of Credits: 1 credits per month ($19/credit)
Minimum Contract: 6-months
Investment for your health: $19 per month
Maintenance Bonus: Roll-Over Credits

Our SUSTAIN membership allows you all of the same benefits of our FLOURISH membership, but at a significantly reduced rate of support. 

This membership includes 1 credit per month (equal to 15-minutes of your Nutritional Therapist's time), spread across any type of interaction that suits your needs. And, just like the FLOURISH (our typical support membership) the Maintenance Bonus applies here, too! This means that any of your unused credits will now roll-over to the next month, until the end of your contract!

This is the best membership option for someone who really only needs a 30-minute consultation once every quarter (3-month intervals), or who would like a 60-minute consultation twice per year (once every 6 months). Members may also use their 1 credit per month for a 10-15 minute Mini Consultation each month. Perfect for that little nudge in the right direction!

It allows you to accrue credits while keeping your membership active so that you can maintain access to all of the Membership benefits and receive care at a reduced cost when compared to our à la carte options.

And, of course, as an active Member, you can always purchase a booster pack of additional credits for extra support to get you over the hump on any particular month.


Here are some common credit use options as an example:

  • 1x 10-minute Mini Consultation (phone, video, messaging, in-office; including 5 minutes for typed consultation notes). Use 1 credits = 0 left


  • Let credits roll over until you accrew enough credits to have a 30-Minute consultation or 60-Minute consultation as needed

    Booster packs for Active Members

    What if you need additional support during a month, but you've run out of credits? No problem! As an active Member, you can always purchase a booster pack of additional credits for extra support to get you over the hump on any particular month.

    BOOSTER PACK (3 credits/pack).......................$45.00

    (1 credit equals up to 15-minutes of practitioner time)

     01 - Comprehensive Support Membership (great for beginners!)

    01 - Comprehensive Support Membership (great for beginners!)

     02 - Moderate Support Membership (most common)

    02 - Moderate Support Membership (most common)

     03 - Maintenance Membership (standard maintenance)

    03 - Maintenance Membership (standard maintenance)

     05 - À La Carte Support Consultations

    05 - À La Carte Support Consultations